Download image from Instagram Post Link

Instagram doesn’t allow you to download an image from the app or its website. Even on the website, you can’t get the image related options in the context menu(right-click):

Context Menu on Websites
Other sites (including this blog)
Context Menu on Instagram
Instagram Context Menu

There are few ways to get the image from the Instagram. I am going to describe the easiest way of doing the same.

  1. Get the post link:

Click on the three dot on the top right side of the post and click on the “Copy Link”.

Instagram Post settings
Click on the “Copy Link” to get the post link

If you already have the post link then ignore this step and proceed to step 2.

2. Get the image link:

Open the link in chrome browser or any other browser as you like.

Press F12 to open developer window. Or click on “Inspect” in the page context menu:

Context Menu on Instagram post.
Click on Inspect to open Developer Window

Inside the developer window, search for “og:image” and you will get the image link.

Developer Tools window
Click on the image to get details
  1. On the developer tool window, make sure you are in Elements Tab.
  2. Find the string “og:image” in the Elements Tab.
  3. Get the content of the meta property highlighted yellow.
  4. The content is the link of the image.
meta property content
content = link

Please make sure you copy the entire link, not till “.jpg” because URL timestamp/signature is important to get the image.

CAUTION !! Use this trick responsibly. Respect privacy and maintain ethics always. This tutorial is for learning purpose only.

Happy Scraping !! In the next tutorial, I will do the same but with Python Code so that we can get the link programmatically.

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