Few online free tools

Here is the list of few online tools you can use for free. They have premium option as well for advanced features. But these tools are very user friendly, free, watermark free and useful on the go.

Photo design / Infographics editor / photo editor

There are lots of options available over the internet.

  1. https://www.canva.com/ – very good tool for the photo editing, designing. It has lot of free features and premium features as well. Free features are enough for normal use. This site is add free. Hence the screen is very clean and clear.
  2. https://pixlr.com/editor/ – It has lot of features as well. It needs flash. Right pane is having the google add.

Video Editing

Below online cloud tool is very simple for small project with few good features:

  1. https://clipchamp.com/ – User friendly. No add on site. Set background, add text, set transition between videos, export in different quality, these are common features. They offer lot of advanced feature with upgrade option as well.
  2. Youtube – Yes !! Youtube. You can edit videos here as well for free. Upload and explore.

Free Conference Call

Yes, we do have free conference call facility as well.

  1. https://www.freeconference.com/ – Free conferencing service available in Canada and US (+ few more countries) with 400 phone participants, 5 online meeting participants, video conferencing, screen sharing options. Unlimited conference call. Dial from India requires upgrade. No issue, we can use google hangout to call Canada number for free. But the call will be over the internet (VoIP).
  2. https://www.freeconferencecall.com – Similar to above. with India number as well.

Online IDEs/Compilers/Interpreters/Terminals

This is for the programmers out there. We do have lots of online IDEs for almost each language for free.

  1. Coding ground – Very good online tool by tutorialspoint for almost all IDEs in one place. access this by the link: https://www.tutorialspoint.com/codingground.htm

Feel free to add anything in the comment section. I will update in the main content.

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