Prevent GNOME auto sleep

Recent update in Kali linux is having one problem with the auto suspend operation. Even the power settings are perfect (Automatic suspend = Off), the computer sleeps every 20 minutes. Steps to perform to disable auto sleep: Search for below parameters, uncomment if commented. Set the value to 0. Once done, run below command to… Continue reading Prevent GNOME auto sleep

AWK commands equivalent to SQL query – Data manipulation

Introduction Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence involves all about data handling for business insights, we often very much rely on the SQL query to do data analysis and analytics. We can achieve the same through some BI tools as well. But if we are comfortable with SQL then I am sure that you will prefer… Continue reading AWK commands equivalent to SQL query – Data manipulation

Activate remote desktop in linux

Install xrdp by below command: apt-get install xrdp once done, start xrdp service by below command: service xrdp start Connect to the RDP. if you want to run xrdp service at startup, please enter below command: update-rc.d xrdp enable Please comment if you face any difficulties.